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Cleaning supplies for catering you can buy at HorecaTraders

Horeca Traders delivers many articles in the field of cleaning and hygiene. So you can go to Horeca Traders for cleaning mops, mop buckets, brooms and many other cleaning products.

The Horeca Traders catering cleaning mop is often used in catering establishments. This cleaning mop takes up a lot of water and has a long lifespan. The HorecaTraders mopemmer and wringer | 4 colors can be combined perfectly with this cleaning mop. This mobile bucket has an extra long handle for easy operation of the wringer.

Buying a complete household car or warning sign?

You can also contact Hospitality Traders for complete household vehicles for hotels or hospitals. In combination with this you can, for example, use handy warning signs, such as the multilingual Rubbermaid warning sign .

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