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Horeca Traders supplies energy-efficient professional freezers within 24/48 hours

Want to buy a Horeca Freezer of 400 Liter or a Professional Freezer of 600 liters? Or are you looking for a large freezer of 1000 liters? In addition to capacity, energy efficiency is another important aspect. These professional freezers were made with the latest available technology and insulation materials. This will benefit your energy bill. The national government offers you the opportunity to get a tax benefit when you invest in energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy? This benefit can go up to 15 percent .

As far as the design is concerned, you can choose between freezers with 1 door or for example the freezers with 2 doors. Horeca Traders also supplies freezers with glass doors.

Why do I buy professional freezer cabinets at HorecaTraders?

Vries equipment from Horeca Traders guarantees optimum operational security and safety. HorecaTraders refrigeration and freezing solutions are of the best quality, thanks to the choice for solid manufacturers such as Polar, Bartscher, Combisteel and Liebherr Freezers. These manufacturers of industrial refrigerators stand for experience and competence. The experience is justified by years of brand recognition in Europe. The competence is tested annually by leading inspection authorities such as DEKRA, NVLG and other branch organizations which have high quality. In addition, they offer favorable price-quality ratio of freezers. We will commit ourselves to finding the best tested freezers within your budget.

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