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CombiSteel Catering Equipment is an importer of professional kitchen and catering equipment. This company has over 12 years experience in the hospitality industry and is seen as a respected player.

CombiSteel is active in all sectors of the market, could include restaurants, hotels, canteens, institutions, pubs, pizzerias, sports canteens etc. Centrally located in the middle of the Netherlands found the main office and second warehouse. Emmeloord is the main warehouse.

Popular CombiSteel product categories: Professional fryers, Refrigerating workbenches, Refrigerators, Freezers, stainless steel furniture and smaller power equipment such as baking, grilling contact etc.

Do you have a question, a suggestion or a complaint about the CombiSteel collection please let us know. We appreciate your opinions and appreciate you taking the trouble to make themselves known to us.

The full assortment of CombiSteel can be ordered Catering Traders. We also sell CombiSteel parts!

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