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Where Panasonic is best known for the televisions, cameras and home entertainment, they also excel in the professional production of microwave ovens. Panasonic offers a wide range of microwave ovens. The full Panasonic microwave oven range and components are available at Traders Hotel and Catering.

The Panasonic Semi-Pro microwave ovens are ideal for the less intensive user. The Panasonic Semi-Pro series may be used in offices, shops, hospitals and snack bars. The Panasonic Pro II microwave ovens are the best and most powerful microwave ovens, for intensive use in large catering. Because these Panasonic Pro-II microwaves are provided with four microwave tubes, it is possible to thaw very evenly and at a high rate and to be heated. Finally, Panasonic offers the Panasonic Pro-I microwave ovens . The Panasonic microwave ovens are designed for intensive use, but in smaller size than the Panasonic Pro II microwaves. The Panasonic Pro-I microwave ovens are made of stainless steel material.

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