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Dynamix is ​​a specialist in the field of professional blenders for catering. The hand blender Dynamic range varies from small (4 liters) to very large (300 liters). By constantly innovating techniques Dynamic features highly advanced production methods. A non-complicated design keeps repair cost to a minimum. A popular Dynamic mixer is the Dynamic Dynamix blender - 4 liters . This is a professional small hand blender that is easy to use. The removable rod is easy to clean Dynamic Dynamix blender. Furthermore, is this dynamic mixer comfortable in the hand and is pleasant in terms of noise level. You can buy these dynamic mixer and many other dynamic blenders Catering at Traders. In addition to the Dynamic products, you can also go for Dynamic mixer components in Hospitality Traders. You can buy these by emailing info@horecatraders.com.

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Dynamic top clamp
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