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Bourgeat is a French manufacturer of professional catering equipment and utensils in a variety of metals, shapes and sizes. Bourgeat offers a wide range of heavy commercial pots and lids and bowls, platters and food boxes. The complete range is available from Bourgeat Catering Traders.

The 'Excellence' stainless steel pot line Bourgeat has been specially developed to ensure the famed Bourgeat premium quality at an attractive price. A commonly used Bourgeat pan is Bourgeat pan high stainless steel , available in five sizes. This aluminum Bourgeat pan is suitable for gas, electric and ceramic cooking. Very user by unbreakable and waterproof insulated handles. The premium quality of Bourgeat pans is additionally ensured by the fact that Bourgeat the Chefs' Choice Award won for best cookware brand in 2015.

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