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Amefa has been around since 1931 in the market of cutlery, tableware and kitchen knives. Once started as the 'Apeldoornsche Blades Factory', the company has grown into the largest Dutch cutlery manufacturer. Traders hospitality industry offers a wide range Amefa cutlery for every occasion. The offer at Traders Hotel and Catering ranges from pastry forks to Amefa Amefa dessert spoons. Amefa is specialized in producing stainless steel products that undergo high quality. These products are sold present in more than 50 countries. The cutlery from Amefa is finally also dishwasher safe.

Horeca Traders are always on hand with service minded staff that can adequately respond to all your questions. If you have any questions about Amefa cutlery, you can always contact a specialist at Amefa Catering Traders.

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