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You can buy wine refrigerators at HorecaTraders

You can buy a Wine Fridge online at HorecaTraders. Order professional wine refrigerators with a delivery time from 24 hours

Order wine climate cabinets for your catering facility online here. We have different types of professional wine climate cabinets. Our wine coolers already start with a capacity of 11 bottles. We also have wine cooler cabinets with 2 zones so you can serve wines at a varied temperature. Of course we also have wine coolers which are suitable for large catering establishments. These wine coolers have a capacity of 155 bottles.

Buy a compact catering wine cooler?

The HorecaTraders Wine Fridge / Mini Cooler with glass door has a capacity of 46 liters or 11 bottles of wine. Due to its spacious content but compact size, this wine cooler is suitable for any occasion. The wine fridge is double glazed and comes with the 2 grids as you can see on the picture.

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