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Freezers buy glass door?

Horeca Traders delivers freezers with glass door within 24/48 hours. The freezers with glass door are there at a glance to see the contents of the freezer. You can also display freezers excellent use to present products. The glass door freezers are available with energy efficient lighting and forced cooling. We sell freezers with glass door white ABS material, but also of high quality stainless steel.

A commonly sold model display freezer is the Polar Catering Freezer 400 liters . This catering freezer is ideal for the presentation of products. The seven adjustable shelves give you a wide variety of storage options. The sturdy wheels make at the rear ensure that you can easily clean the freezer. The temperature range of this Polar freezer is -22 ° C to -18 ° C. The glass door with double glazing ensures that the Polar freezer is better insulated.

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