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You will find rinse table tops and rinsing blades at Hospitality Traders

Soup table tops can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = have your sink table in your home tomorrow.

Stainless steel sink and stainless steel sinks are available at HorecaTraders. The rinsing blades are available with drip surface and raised edge, to allow the water to enter the sink properly. The high-quality AISI 304 rinsing sheets and AISI 430 rinsing sheets can also be custom-made. There are also reels for sale with two sinks in the center of the flushing tray. The stainless steel coil tops are hygienic and cleaning friendly.

The HorecaTraders Sink table ball | 1 sink right is available in 4 sizes. This stainless steel sink is suitable for catering or company kitchens. This sink is easy to assemble and has a favorable price / quality ratio.

Ordering spool table top to size?

Do you want a customized sink table? That is of course possible at HorecaTraders. If you click on this link you will come to the right page. The delivery time varies from 1 to 5 days. This depends on the complexity of the sink table tops.

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