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Stainless steel sinks from Horeca Traders for every kitchen

Stainless steel sinks can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Install your new sink tomorrow!

Horeca Traders supplies stainless steel sinks to complete your sink. You can indicate at which point you want the discharge hole in the comments during the order. With the sinks from Horeca Traders you have a wide range of varying shapes and sizes. The stainless steel used is of very high quality and therefore lasts a long time. So you can choose an AISI304 sink, IC201 sink or an AISI430 sink. Horeca Traders also has handy grates and insert baskets that prevent food waste from entering the sink.

Buy sump for intensive catering?

The most popular sink in our range is the Stainless Steel Rectangular Sink . This rectangular model has 12 sizes and has a sturdy stainless steel construction, making the sink suitable for intensive catering. The heights of these sinks vary between 20 and 30 cm.

Whether you want a square, rectangular or round sink, HorecaTraders offers it all. You also have the choice whether you want the sink with or without overflow. Do you want a customized stainless steel sink? Of course that is also possible.

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