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Serving trolleys, serving trolleys or internal transport trolleys from Horeca Traders

You can buy catering serving carts at HorecaTraders. Order today = Use tomorrow your new serving trolley!

HorecaTraders supplies serving trolleys that come in handy in hotels, restaurants and hospitals. The stainless steel and plastic serving trolleys are supplied in models of 2 to 5 sheets. The stainless steel models have a completely welded stainless steel construction and are therefore very robust. The serving trolleys are designed to be used in environments where hygiene is important. That is why the serving trolleys are easy to clean. You can also go to catering traders for lorries.

The Vogue Professional Serving trolley stainless steel with 3 blades is one of the most popular serving trolleys in our range. With a loading capacity of 135 kg, these serving trolleys are suitable for almost any transport. The Vogue serving trolley is made of sound-absorbing material and is easy to assemble. The height of this Vogue serving trolley is 85.5 cm including the handles.

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APS server car
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