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Regaal & Dienbladwagens van HorecaTraders

Regaal & Dienbladwagens bought you at HorecaTraders. Ordered today = Tomorrow use your new truck!

HorecaTraders supplies vans and vans 28/10 stainless steel vans. The vans are suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, large kitchens or other institutions. With a rack truck you can transport trays, grids and gastronorm bins / containers. The RVS trucks are equipped with bumpers to prevent damage during transport. We also deliver tray cleaners for transport for dirty trays.

We supply, for example, Bakery standard vans, which are well known in the bakery world. For example, the Saro Bakery Norm Regal Trolley has space for 36 grids or plates measuring 600x400mm. What makes this royal trolley special is the strong construction. Due to the strong wheelbase, this truck is suitable for the intensive environment. This Saro truck is delivered with 2 years warranty.

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