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Horeca serving trolleys and trolleys from Horeca Traders

Serving trolleys are used to serve dishes, coffee or kitchen materials in the catering industry or institutions and companies. The HorecaTraders serving trolleys have a sturdy construction and are easy to move through the smooth wheels. The Vogue serving trolleys have an ergonomic design that complies with the standards of the ARBO legislation. The robustness of the serving trolleys is determined by the use of stainless steel and plastic.

Spacious and flexible serving trolleys from Vogue, Bartscher & Hupfer

With a mobile serving trolley you can serve at any desired location. The serving trolleys from Vogue, Combisteel and Bartscher offer you the possibilities and the flexibility. HorecaTraders has the professional mobile serving combination you are looking for. So you are no longer tied to a place. The Bartscher open serving trolleys from this series are ideal for moving kitchen accessories and dishes. The cars are standard equipped with two swivel wheels, one with a brake. The top plate provides space for, for example, serving trays. On the bottom plate there is space for thermos jugs and / or other kitchen items to be transported.

Silent serving trolley from Hupfer, ideal in hospitals

If a silent serving trolley is best suited for your situation, we recommend the Hupfer serving trolleys . You can order the soft (silent) tires via the related products. These soft bands are useful, for example, in hospitals, care institutions and company canteens. In addition, a Hupfer serving trolley is also suitable for outdoor use.

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