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Catering suction hoods longer than 200 cm

Exhaust hoods from 200cm are available at HorecaTraders. Ordered today = Tomorrow install your new hood!

HorecaTraders supplies large suction hoods and complete extractor systems for the large kitchen. The lengths in the range of large suction hoods range from 2 to 4 meters. You can choose a hood with built-in motor or a hood with no motor. You can also order the suction motors via this link.

The Gastro-M Extractor Hood Complete Horeca Series 54 (h) x 200 (b) x 90 (d) is entirely made of stainless steel. In addition, this Gastro-M extractor hood is equipped with labyrinth filters (40x50cm) with stainless steel slats and heat resistant lighting. The digital speed controller allows you to easily adjust the suction power.

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