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Crushed ice bins for fish & meat delivered with 24 hours

You can buy Crushed ice trays at HorecaTraders. Order today = Use your new crushed ice bucket tomorrow!

HorecaTraders supplies crushed ice trays that are very suitable for the fish traders, for example to present fish. The flake ice containers keep your products cool and give and fresh appearance. The melted ice flows into the drip tray through the grates, after which you can drain the water via the drain.

The Combisteel Crushed ice gastronorm tray 40.2 xd 59 xh 17 cm is one of the most popular crushed ice containers. This Combisteel flake ice bin is easy to use and easy to clean. The meltwater can easily be drained via the drain in the side of the CombiSteel crushed ice bin.

You can of course also use the crushed ice trays to keep beverages or other foods cool. Order the crushed ice trays easily online at HorecaTraders.

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