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You can buy a fries cutter online at HorecaTraders

Patatas can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = Tomorrow cut your fries!

With a fries cutter you can easily make fresh fries in any desired format. Horeca Traders supplies fries cutters for both small and professional use. The stainless steel fries are available with different sizes of knives, so you can cut the fries to your liking.

The HorecaTraders stainless steel Patat cutter is suitable for cutting various thicknesses of fries. This fries cutter comes with 4 knives: 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm, and a knife for 8 parts. The fries cutter can be attached to the wall or to the worktop. For more information about the operation of this fries cutter, you can view the video below the product page.

Patatas with high production capacity

For intensive use, the Saro Patato Cutter | 3 Formats an excellent device. This Saro fries cutter has a long lever, collector and stable housing. Thanks to the long lever you will achieve optimum performance with little effort. You can order the desired size of knife with this Saro fries cutter.

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