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Heat resistant oven mitts can be found at HorecaTraders

Oven mitts can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = Use your oven glove tomorrow.

Protect your hands from heat, chemicals or other liquids? With the oven mitts and steam gloves from Hospitality Traders you assure yourself of safe working conditions.

The oven gloves are available in different sizes and are also available in flame-resistant models. The HorecaTraders Oven Mitt | For example, 38cm is a heat and flame resistant oven glove up to 300 ° C. This professional oven mitt lasts 20 times longer than the standard oven mitts.

Frozen gloves for protection against extreme cold

In addition to the furnace and steam gloves Traders and catering industry also provides frozen gloves for protection against temperatures of up to -20 ° C. The freezer gloves are equipped with a wrinkled latex finish for optimal grip. The seven gauge acrylic liner provides heat and protection in extremely cold conditions.

When ordering oven mitts, pay attention to whether they are sold per piece or per pair.

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