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Chop meat with a chopping knife?

Professional chopping knives can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = tomorrow your new chopper in the butcher shop!

HorecaTraders delivers robust chopping knives with stainless steel blade of high quality. You can cut pieces of meat into pieces using chopping knives, where bones and joints are also cut in half. The chopping knives are ideal for a butcher's shop. The length varies from 15 to 23 cm chopping knives, so there is always a suitable stainless steel chopper in our assortment.

The Vogue Butcher Chopper | 20.3 cm is suitable for the professional kitchen. This chopping knife is durable in use and has a firm and comfortable grip. The stainless steel blade ensures that you can work hygienically and enjoy this Vogue chopper for a long time.

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