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Polycarbonate gastronorm covers buy from HorecaTraders

HorecaTraders offers a wide range of matching GN covers for your GN polycarbonate baking. The lids are available in all gastronorm sizes we sell. The lids are made of high quality polycarbonate, which makes the lids unbreakable, lightweight and easy to clean.

The gastronorm cover ensures that your food stays fresh and that the risk of cross contamination remains minimal. The GN lids have a cast handle and come with a writable window for encoding the date or other desired comments. The lids are made of clear polycarbonate, so you can easily see what is in the containers. The GN lids are dishwasher safe and resistant to normal household and fats.

Resistant to high and low temperatures

The Vogue GN cover 1/1 has a spoon recess and is virtually unbreakable. The cover is designed for temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to 100 ° C. The corresponding bins are of course available to us. You can view these through the related articles at the bottom of the page.

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