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Freezer shoots, frying baskets and other fryer accessories at HorecaTraders

Friet accessories can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Use your new accessories tomorrow in your snack bar!

HorecaTraders supplies a wide range of fries / fries accessories. The range ranges from frying dishes and grease to frying baskets and fries. All of these fitting accessories are made of the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring hygiene in the kitchen.

An essential accessory in every snack bar is HorecaTraders Frites Lekbak RVS Ø 41cm . This fries leakbox has an ergonomic design and sturdy handles. In addition, the fries can leak through the special griddle. The Gastro-M Stainless Steel Frying Shovel Professional | 4 formats can be perfectly combined with this fries leakbak.

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