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Cornflakes dispensers and muesli devices for buffet breakfast

Cornflake dispensers can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Morning your cornflakes dispenser at home!

HorecaTraders supplies cornflakes and mueslide dispensers at the breakfast buffet. The cereal distributors deliver the desired amount of muesli, cornflakes or cereals crumb free. We offer some but also double muesli dispensers suitable for self-service. In the cereal distributors of HorecaTraders, your cereals remain fresh and aromatic.

The Bartscher Distributor for cereals is a suitable model for catering. This Bartscher distributor is suitable for all types of cereal. In addition, this cereal divider can easily be separated and cleaned. In addition, the Bartscher distributor for cereal is suitable for wall mounting.

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