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Bonnenhouders for your catering industry

Bonnenhouders can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Tomorrow your receipt holder delivered at home!

You can find receivables for your hospitality at HorecaTraders, we offer vouchers of various sizes and materials. The sturdy clips keep the vouchers hanging. By using the receivers of HorecaTraders, you make sure that you can easily work with the vouchers, it also gives an organized look to your catering business. To attach the voucher holders there is a slab on the back or a number of holes for screwing the voucher.

Provides your customers with fast and efficient service by purchasing a voucher or order line. You will find that a voucher is an asset for every commercial kitchen.

Accuracy in the kitchen with a voucher

Most customers chose the Aluminum Bonnet Holder 90 cm wide , this model has a clip that allows you to easily hold the vouchers. On the backside there is a slab to secure the receipt holder, and there are 4 holes to secure the receipt holder. The receipt holder is made of aluminum and goes on for a long time.

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