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Drinking hot or cold with HorecaTraders Cambro containers?

Isothermal beverages containers can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Ordered today = Tomorrow use your isothermal drink container!

Do you want to keep your drinks warm or cold for a long time? Then you will be right on this page. The isothermal beverage containers are specially developed for parties and major events. Cambro supplies very high capacity container containers for storage and transportation of hot and cold drinks.

For storage and transportation of beverages for major events, the Cambro Beverage Container is suitable. For example, you can use the Cambro camtain for the storage of tea / coffee, or just to keep cold drinks cool. This Cambro beverage container is hufterproof and easy in transportation and operation. This Cambro camtainer is available in 12 liter and 20 liter model.

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