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Coffee machines and filter coffee machines suitable for home or professional use

Coffee machines are now available at HorecaTraders.com. Ordered today = Morning fresh coffee!

HorecaTraders supplies coffee makers for associations, restaurants or events. Our range ranges from 1 liter of coffee machines to up to 22 liters coffee makers. You can also choose a coffee machine with multiple coffee containers and coffee machines with a hot water dispenser.

A popular coffee maker model is the Bravilor Bonamat Novo Coffee Machine 1.7 Liter . This coffee machine has a set time of 5 minutes and no water connection. This Bravilor coffee maker comes with two glass jars. If you wish to order multiple coffees, you can always order them.

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Animo Coffee Animo
€439,00 €329,00
Animo Coffee Animo
€469,00 €349,00