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You can buy professional set-up refrigerated cabinets from HorecaTraders

Opstelkoelvitrines find now online at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = your cool showcase in the house tomorrow.

Horeca Traders has a wide range of refrigerated set-up cabinets. We have selected premium quality design cases especially for you. With the Combisteel and Polar set-up cabinets, you can present your ingredients in an attractive way. The plug-in showcases are easy to keep clean and suitable for any catering facility.

We supply cooler cabinets that can be used in combination with many different sizes of GN containers. The glass set-up refrigerators, for example, come in handy in the kitchen of a pizzeria or restaurant. The set-up refrigerated cabinets are also available with stainless steel lid, in order to keep your ingredients in a hygienic way. Horeca Traders also supplies chilled sushi and tapas showcases with a luxurious look.

Want to buy hospitality coolers from stainless steel?

A popular model upholstered cooler is the Polar Set Up Refrigerated display cabinet 10 x GN ¼ . This cooled Polar design display case offers space for five GN1 / 4 bins with a depth of up to 10 cm. The Polar set-up refrigerator has a stainless steel construction and is fitted with safety glass. Polar upholstery cooler is easily operated by the digital display and has an adjustable temperature of 2 to 10 degrees. The GN containers are not included.

Looking for larger set-up refrigerated cabinets? Click here .

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