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You can buy Keyfrost cooling and freezing equipment at HorecaTraders

Horeca Traders is supplier of Keyfrost refrigeration and freezing installations, evaporators, regulators and much more. With the Keyfrost monoblocks you can cool or freeze an insulated room. You can choose from monoblocks that are suitable for various types of mounting, such as on the roof or as an attachment model. You receive 1 year warranty on the entire Keyfrost range.

The Keyfrost monoblocks are made of coated sheet steel. This ensures ultimate robustness and therefore a long service life. Keyfrost cooling equipment is suitable for professional and intensive use.

Buying a complete Keyfrost cooling system?

For example, you can choose the Keyfrost Whole Cooling System 790 W | 230 V / 50Hz . If you choose this product, you will receive a complete Keyfrost installation, including evaporator and regulator. This cooling installation must be connected by a recognized refrigeration technician.

All our Keyfrost refrigeration systems can be delivered quickly. In addition, we can arrange a technician for you on request. The technician can install the complete cooling installation for you.

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