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Waterbadgrills for the best taste of meat

Waterbadgrills can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Use your grill tomorrow.

Grilling with a water bar grill provides a unique taste experience. HorecaTraders supplies Rosval professional water bath grills. This brand is known for its unique and own products. The water bath provides a high degree of moisture, so that the volume of the dishes is maintained.

Another advantage of a waterbath grill is that these dishes do not dry out, making them tastefully juicy. At HorecaTraders you can choose from a waterbath grill with 1 or 2 heating elements.

Make juicy dishes with a water bar grill

The Rosval Waterbath Grill 1.5kw-230V makes your dishes tastier and juicy than with a "normal" grill. Additionally, you can add spices to the water to get a unique taste. This Rosval water grill is produced in the Netherlands and has one heat element.

Are you looking for parts for your waterbath grill? Send an e-mail with specification to [email protected]

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