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Professional Pitco Friteuses can be found at HorecaTraders

Professional Pitco Friteuses can be found at HorecaTraders. Pitco fritters have a delivery time from 24 hours!

Are you looking for a reliable gas freak? For over 80 years, Pitco has made fritters that are easy to use and maintain. Pitco's production over the years has greatly contributed to the way we cook food today. HorecaTraders is an official dealer of Pitco fritters. The freezers are always in stock and can be delivered within 24 hours if necessary. The Pitco fryers are available in propane gas and natural gas.

The Pitco fritters are suitable for snack bar, fast food chain, restaurant and food trolleys. We have all Pitco parts & accessories in stock. For ordering parts, you can send a description and possibly a photo to [email protected]

A Pitco catering fryer on electricity or gas

The Pitco Friteuse 18 Liter 35C natural gas is suitable for both small and large catering. With a capacity of 45kg per hour, the Pitco fryer is an absolute top of the fryer. The Pitco natural gas fryer has a manual ignition and adjustable legs. The construction consists of stainless steel doors, stainless steel tank and stainless steel front. In addition, the Pitco fries have two baskets and a basket hanger. You can also choose a mobile model, stainless steel lid, portable filter system and 1 or 3 baskets.

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