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Kitchen Machines & Dough Machines for Restaurants and Home

Mixing and kneading machines can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = tomorrow at home.

The mixers and kneading machines are suitable for bakeries and restaurants. HorecaTraders supplies kitchen machines and dough mixers with capacity up to 80 kg. With a dough knife you can work quickly and efficiently in the professional kitchen. The mixing and kneading machines are easy to maintain and very durable.

Years of fun of your catering knife machine

Brands like Kitchenaid, Kenwood and Robot Coupe offer high quality mixing and kneading machines. These brands are of high quality and durability, making it easy for you to mix your dough with your HorecaTraders kneading machines effortlessly and for years.

The Kenwood Professional Kitchen Machine is a real all-round. This Kenwood kitchen machine has automatic speed control with pulse function. You will get the dough hook, beater and garde supplied with this Kenword kitchen machine. The Kenwood mixer is both suitable for households and professional kitchens. Due to its large capacity of 4.6 liters, this Kenwood kitchen appliance is suitable for all your mix, knock and mixes.

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