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Lavasteengrills buy online at HorecaTraders

Professional Lavasteengrills can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = use your lavagrill tomorrow.

HorecaTraders supplies a wide range of gas lava grills and electric lava grills. The lava grilled fruits are from the best brands, such as Gastro-M, Saro and Giorik. With a lava grill you can grill meat, fish, vegetables and many other types of food.

Maintains the juices and moisture in your dishes

The advantage of a lavagrill is that the taste of your meat and other dishes is preserved perfectly. By choosing a lavagrill with water collector, your meat stays well moist and juicy. The HorecaTraders lava grills are energy efficient and suitable for restaurant, hotel or home use.

The Gastro-M gas lava grill VS70 / 40GRL features a cast iron grille and stainless steel burners. For example, in the open chassis you can lose pots and pans. This Gastro-M lava grill is available in natural gas and propane gas, and comes complete with lava gas.

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Lavagrill Pan
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