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Henkelman Vacuum machines

With a Henkelman vacuum cleaner you can store food for a long time without losing the taste. In general, the lifespan of foodstuffs quadruples when you vacuum them. Whether you want to vacuum meat, fish or complete meals, almost everything is possible!

Henkelman makes vacuum machines for the catering industry, but also for companies in the food industry and other sectors into heavy industry such as the chip industry. Vacuum packaging of food is the specialty of Henkelman. The professional vacuum machines have a functional design with optimum ease of use and a long service life.

If you are looking for a compact vacuum machine, then the Henkelman Jumbo 30 Vacuummachine | Room 37 x 35 x 15 cm certainly suitable. This table-top vacuum machine is suitable for a wide variety of products and sizes. The Henkelman Mini Jumbo vacuum machine is made entirely of stainless steel and has a transparent lid. The Henkelman vacuum machine is easy to clean thanks to the rounded corners and the removable seal bars.

If the Jumbo series is not big enough for you, you can, for example, opt for a Vacuum machine from the Henkelman Falcon series, such as the Henkelman Falcon 52 Vacuum machine . This Falcon vacuum machine has a large capacity for vacuuming large portions of food.

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Henkelman Henkelman Neo
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