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Professional catering fritters on gas / electricity

Professional fritters are an indispensable item in your kitchen. HorecaTraders has made a selection of tableware of catering fritters and fryers with a chassis. We have both professional electric fryers and gas fryers in our assortment. Are you looking for a fryer with a drain valve? Or do you want to make oil spheres with a fryer? HorecaTraders offers the right fryer for all your frying.

From bakery fritters to fishfrituses

For the frying of oil spheres, you can choose, for example, a bakery fryer or fish fryer from Combisteel. We provide catering fritters from, among others, Combisteel, Lincat Silverlink, Pitco and Buffalo.

It is important to have a good insight into the fryer's capacity and the environment in which you place the fryer. The fat vapor can affect food and equipment in the area. If you would like advice on this, you can always contact our customer service.

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