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Professional cookers from HorecaTraders delivered within 24 hours

HorecaTraders supplies gas cookers, electric cookers and ceramic cookers for the catering industry. Brands such as Bartscher, Combisteel and Saro are known for their durable and high quality cookers. From 2 burner stoves to up to 8 burner stoves, for each catering facility we offer the desired model. The cookers have height adjustable stainless steel legs, so you can adjust the height optimally.

You can also go to HorecaTraders for furnaces without oven. These tableware stoves and open-top stoves are ideal when you do not need a combination of oven and stove. For advice you can always contact our customer service, we will be happy to assist you.

A high-quality energy-efficient catering industry stove

The Saro Gas Stove with Professional Gas Furnace | 4 Burners is one of the most popular cookers. The Saro stove has 4 separate gas burners: 2 x 4500 watts and 2 x 7500 watts. This Saro gas cooker has low energy consumption and is easy to clean. The compact stainless steel Saro gas stove has a piezoelectric ignition and flame protection.

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