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Cabinets are available from HorecaTraders

Riding cabinets are available for caterers. Order today and you will receive your driving cabinet tomorrow

Cabinets are an indispensable item in the professional kitchen. With the HorecaTraders décor doors, you are sure that the quality of the dough is maintained. The humidifier in the proofer ensures that the dough does not dry up. The temperature is adjustable, giving you complete control over the dough process. The dough remains flexible and is well prepared to enter the oven.

Saro and Bartscher cabinets are very popular with professional kitchens and the bakery world. These proofers offer you the flexibility to use grids or plates. In addition, these cabinets have adjustable thermostats. That means you can prepare the dough depending on your wishes. The humidifier creates a dough that will emit suppleness and craftsmanship. This will ultimately lead to tasty sandwiches. Saro and Bartscher dairy cabinets are guaranteed for up to 2 years!

A compact bakery cabinet in stainless steel

An example of a popular cabinet is the Diamond Cabinet Deeg - Professional Series . This Diamond cabinet has a door of tempered glass with stainless steel handle. The adjustable guides provide optimum flexibility for the driving process. The Diamond Door Box is fully manufactured in stainless steel and manufactured according to the applicable CE standards.

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