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Buying professional meat grinders and choppers and grinders at Hospitality Traders

Professional meat grinders suitable for professional butchers

Want to quickly and easily cut or make tartare? Do this with the meat grinders Catering Traders. The Bartscher Meat Grinder / Mincer example, a unit of German origin which is powerful, professional and well priced. Ideal if you want to grind meat. This meat grinder is compact but has the power of a butcher meat grinder. Also for the professional kitchen and butchery has Hospitality Traders meat grinders. Thus, with the Bartscher Mincer be gained unprecedented power and capacity. The meat grinder is able to process 300 kg of meat per hour. The meat grinder of Bartscher has detachable parts which hygiene and cleaning will always come first.

Why do I buy meat grinders at Horeca Traders?

The reliability of our meat grinders is obviously determined by solid manufacturers Bartscher, SARO, Buffalo, and CombiSteel. This stainless steel meat grinders manufacturers stand for experience and competence. The experience is justified by the many years of brand awareness in Europe. The competence is tested annually by leading testing organizations such as DEKRA, NVLG and other industry organizations that have quality are high. In addition, they offer great value for money meat choppers and grinders to. We will commit ourselves that you get the best product within your budget.

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