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Horeca Traders delivers pump thermos

For events and restaurants pump thermos fit. Traders hospitality industry offers many types of pump and drain thermos. These jugs have more content than the vacuum jugs with cap. The pump vacuum jugs are ideal for self-service and easy to manage. We also supply large drink dispensers for up to 12 liters of thin hot drink. The Saro Hot Water Dispenser keeps both hot and cold beverages to 6 hours at temperature.

For smaller amounts, the Bravilor Bonamat thermos a good choice. The Bravilor Bonamat thermos jugs are known for their premium quality. These cans can be used as a tea or coffee thermos. The Bravilor pump thermos is available in many different colors. This Bravilor vacuum flask having an internal volume of 2.2 liter and works by means of a pump handle.

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