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Fries and fries warming devices can be found at HorecaTraders

You can find Frites hot drink at HorecaTraders. Order today = delicious hot fries tomorrow!

HorecaTraders supplies fries warming equipment for restaurant, hotel and fast food chain. Brands such as Bartscher and Casselin supply quality equipment to keep your fries warm. The fries thus retain their temperature without becoming limp. Your guests can therefore enjoy delicious French fries at all times.

The Casselin Food Warmth lamp GN 1/1 is a popular warming lamp. This friet warming lamp is made of stainless steel AISI 310 and offers space for a 1/1 GN container with a maximum height of 65mm.

Looking for other frying supplies?

In addition to French fries warming devices, Horeca Traders can also be used for many other deep-frying items, such as fryers , fries , chips and fries accessories . Are you looking for a specific product, you can always contact our customer service.

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