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Tefcold Refrigerators

HorecaTraders supplies professional Tefcold refrigerators for the hospitality industry. You can choose a 1-door, 2-door or 3-door refrigerator. The Tefcold refrigerators have a double glazed door, making these refrigerators economical in energy consumption and maintaining a constant temperature.

The internal LED lighting gives the Tefcold refrigerators a professional appearance. In addition, the Tefcold display coolers have adjustable grids and a digital thermostat. A good example is the Tefcold black Backbar cooler with glass doors . This double door bar cooler is suitable for up to 156 bottles of 330 ml.

The spacious Tefcold range meets all quality requirements for the catering industry. By constantly innovating, the Tefcold coolers have the most modern technologies. So you will have years of pleasure from your Tefcold cooling. In addition to Tefcold refrigerators, you can also go to Horeca Traders for Tefcold freezers, minibars or wine coolers.

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