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Tefcold Minibars

HorecaTraders supplies professional Tefcold minibars for your bar, restaurant or hotel. The mini bars of Tefcold are known for their robust quality at a favorable price. The Tefcold barcoolers have high quality insulation, so the freezers and freezers are economical in energy consumption and maintain a constant temperature.

The Tefcold TM52G Mini Cooler comes in handy in every bar. This Tefcold minibar gives your drinks an attractive presentation through the LED indoor lighting. In addition, this Tefcold display cooler is energy-efficient and equipped with two adjustable grids. Would you like to turn the door around? No problem!

Besides Tefcold minibars we also sell many minibars from other brands, such as Polar, Liebherr and Saro. By clicking on this link you go to our full minibar range.

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