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Tefcold Laboratory

HorecaTraders supplies professional Tefcold laboratory coolers for medical applications or laboratories. These Tefcold refrigerators and freezers meet the highest requirements for use in hospitals or laboratories. The Tefcold coolers have high quality insulation, which means that the freezers and freezers are economical in energy consumption and maintain a constant temperature.

The Tefcold Medical Cooling has a robust quality and constant temperature. You can decorate this Tefcold fridge yourself according to your wishes using the adjustable shelves. Moreover, this Tefcold laboratory cooling is very hygienic in use.

The Tefcold coolers work by means of fan cooling. The Tefcold coolers also have all the necessary functions, such as automatic defrosting. Do you have a question? Please contact our customer service.

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