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Tefcold Gastroline

HorecaTraders supplies professional Tefcold Gastroline coolers for the catering industry. The Gastroline coolers and freezers from Tefcold are known for their robust quality at a favorable price. The Tefcold coolers have high quality insulation, which means that the freezers and freezers are economical in energy consumption and maintain a constant temperature.

The Tefcold Gastroline coolers have been specially developed for the foodservice / catering industry. The Tefcold Gastroline 3-door refrigerated workbench has self-closing doors and adjustable legs. This model refrigerated workbench has a splash edge and works through ventilated cooling.

Are you looking for Tefcold parts? Then you can send an e-mail to [email protected] . Our technical department will then contact you as soon as possible. For advice you can always contact our customer service.

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