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Tefcold Freezers & Freezers

HorecaTraders supplies professional Tefcold freezers and freezers for the hospitality industry. The freezers from Tefcold are known for their robust quality at a favorable price. The Tefcold freezing coolers have high quality insulation, which means that the freezers and freezers are economical in energy consumption and maintain a constant temperature.

For example, you can opt for the Tefcold freezer cabinet for ice cream . This Tefcold freeze cooling is equipped with a stylish lid. In the freezer there are 2 large baskets in which you can store the ice. In addition, the freezer compartment is fitted with 4 wheels, making it easy to pay for the freezer. This is therefore an ideal freezer cabinet for your snack bar, restaurant or hotel.

We also supply freezers and freezers from other brands, such as Bartscher, Combisteel and Liebherr. For even more freezers you can click on this link and for freezers on this link .

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