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You can buy professional sushi showcases at HorecaTraders

Sushi showcases can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Tomorrow cool your suhsi in the suhsivitrine

HorecaTraders supplies sushi showcases and tapas cabinets specially designed for sushi restaurants. The design showcases are from the best brands, such as Bartscher, Combisteel and Saro. Horeca Traders supplies various refrigerated sushi displays that are plug ready and can therefore be used immediately. We supply sushi displays that can be used in combination with many different sizes of GN containers.

A sushi display is essential for Asian cuisine. The sushi shops of Horeca Traders have all kinds of useful functions, such as a digital temperature controller and LED lighting.

A sushi display case for every hospitality occasion

A popular model sushi showcase is the Saro Sushi Display Case / Tapas Display Case . This sushi display cabinet offers space for 6 x 1/3 GN containers. This Saro cabinet has sliding doors at the back, a curved front glass and LED interior lighting. The temperature can be read and set via the digital display.

Note: Sushi displays are delivered excluding GN containers.

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