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Scotsman Ice cube makers can be purchased at HorecaTraders

At HorecaTraders you can go for a diverse assortment of Scotsman ice cube machines. Whether you are looking for a machine that makes flake ice or classic ice cubes, Scotman Ice Systems offers a solution. The Scotsman ice cube machines are suitable for both small and large catering establishments.

The Scotsman Ice Cube Machine EC 47 25kg / D | Storage 9 kg is very suitable for small use. This compact Scotsman ice cube maker can produce up to 25 kg per day and has a storage bunker of 9 kg. This Scotsman ice maker produces crystal clear ice cubes in Gourmet form.

The largest machines in the Scotsman range can produce up to 210kg of ice cubes per day. An example of such a powerful ice maker is the Scotsman Ice Systems Classic Ice Cube Machine Nw 507 210 kg / D. This stainless steel Scotsman ice cream maker produces classic ice cubes in 3 different sizes.

Scotsman ice machines are delivered with a 2 year warranty & are immediately available from stock at HorecaTraders!

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