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Frilec Coolings

HorecaTraders supplies energy-efficient Frilec coolers for the professional environment. Frilec refrigerators each have an A ++ or even A +++ energy label. The brand not only represents German quality, but also innovation and reliability. The new Frilec series is an eyecatcher because of the beautiful, luxurious design and is characterized by a high degree of quality. You receive a 5 year warranty on the entire Frilec cooling range.

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A popular refrigerator is the Frilec Fridge Silver | 130 liters . This Frilec cooling is equipped with vegetable sinks and glass trays. In addition to a spacious capacity of 130 liters, the refrigerator is also economical in use. In addition, the Frilec cooler has many more useful functions. For example, you can adjust the direction of rotation of the door.

Are you looking for a fridge-freezer? The Frilec BONN350 fridge freezer is an excellent choice. This Frilec fridge-freezer has energy class A + and a capacity of 300 liters. In addition, the fridge-freezer has a simple display control and high quality stainless steel housing.

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