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Cabinets for storing fish, meat, vegetables or snacks?

Want to buy a freezer of 300 liters? Whether you are looking for a large freezer 1000 liter? Horeca Traders delivers energy-efficient freezers in many shapes and sizes. The professional cabinets are made with the latest available technology compressors and insulation. This will benefit your energy bills. Regarding the design, you can choose between freezers with sliding windows, sliding glass lids and of course the modern cabinets with stainless steel lid .

Why do I purchase freezers Horeca Traders?

The reliability of our freezers is obviously determined by solid manufacturers Saro CombiSteel and Polar. These coolers manufacturers stand for experience and competence. Reliability means guaranteed. So you get the cabinets Polar two-year guarantee. We also offer great value for money freezers. We will commit ourselves that you receive the best cool product within your budget. Why pay more?

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