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Brema ice cube makers are available at HorecaTraders

Brema ice cube makers can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Have your ice maker in your house tomorrow.

HorecaTraders supplies Brema ice cube machines with a capacity of 21 kg to 155 kg per 24 hours. Brema ice cube machines are designed for intensive use in the professional catering industry. Brema ice maker parts and accessories are also available at HorecaTraders and can be ordered by emailing [email protected] .

The small models of ice cube machines are suitable for bars and restaurants, for example. An ice cube machine with larger capacity comes in handy at nightclubs and clubs. The ice cube storage ensures that you never have a shortage of ice cubes.

An ice maker for hotel, restaurant or bar

A commonly used Brema Ice Cube Machine - 42 kg / 24h - storage 25 kg . This air-cooled Brema ice cube machine has a 25 kilo bunker and is therefore suitable for intensive use. The filter is easily removable to clean the condenser. The metal sprinklers require hardly any maintenance and are also easy to clean.

For proper functioning of Brema ice cube machines, we recommend placing them in a room where the ambient temperature is between 10 ° C and 43 ° C. The best ice cubes are given at a water temperature of 3 ° C to 32 ° C.

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