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Wusthof is the specialist in the field of catering knives. The range consists mainly of Wusthof chef's knives, Wusthof knife sharpeners and Wusthof knife blocks, which you can purchase through the webshop of Horeca Traders. Each individual Wusthof knife is manufactured professionally, to last long as years in the professional kitchen. The Wusthof Knife Catering 6 pieces is the ideal knife for the professional catering industry. These six Wusthof knives are of very high quality stainless steel and are processed in 38 steps to a super quality blade.

Technically, all Wusthof knives suitable for in the dishwasher, with the exception of knives with a wooden handle. Wusthof nevertheless recommends not to wash Wusthof knives in the dishwasher. One reason for this is that Wusthof knives while washing in the dishwasher can cause damage to other objects. More information about washing Wusthof knives in the dishwasher can be found on the of Wusthof website .

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