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Who does not know the Remia sauces? Remia, as a leading producer of sauces and frying fat, is nowhere to be remembered from the food industry. The company is famous for the delicious fries sauce, but also for high quality frying fat.

Remia has an innovative look at the foodservice. The company is responding to the changing needs of the consumer and the food industry. Liquid fryer fits into responsible business because it is rich in good unsaturated fats and contains few trans fatty acids. Remia sauces and fats meet the highest quality standards and product safety standards.

HorecaTraders provides a wide range of sauces and frying fats that will be useful in your catering industry. Order the Remia range online at HorecaTraders easily. Whether you have something to celebrate or not, Remia is always a party!
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